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                                            Kuntao- Pencak Silat - Hapkido                                                          

Disorient, Disable, Destroy

The Warrior Combat Arts teaches traditional fighting skills such as Kung -Fu, Hapkido, Chin- Na and Kuntao Silat and Pencak Silat from China, Korea, and Indonesia. Warrior Combat Arts is the combination of these art forms into one system.  This combative system has proven to be highly effective because of its "real-life" application for both private citizens and professionals. The system works off the three D's: Disorient, Disable, Destroy. SiGung  Weaver has traveled all over the world he has trained in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Jamaica, Indonesia, Singapore where he has trained with many masters. SiGung Mark A. Weaver has over 43  years of training in the Martial Arts which includes 32 years of experience teaching children, as young as three years old, adults, active military, law enforcement, bouncers, bodyguards, and security officers.

The Curriculum

Students will begin to build a solid foundation by learning the basics of fighting, along with an introduction to the overall system. Proper body mechanics helps to minimize the risk of injury and utilizes basic physics to increase leverage and strength. Foot and hand drills focus on the repetition of movements to improve coordination and agility. Students also learn to break falls and roll in response to their opponent's offensive moves. Basic kick drills help the student learn proper foot placement. These basic skills become the foundation of the system as the student begins to combine various movements. 

As students begin to gain confidence in their new-found techniques, they will incorporate close-quarters combat skills. Close quarters combat skills are the primary focus of this system. Students will learn open hand techniques, as this allows the student to quickly and easily transition into other moves. Foot trappings are used to help the students gain control of their opponent's lower extremities. Lastly, joint locks and pressure points can be applied to help immobilize an opponent and are particularly effective for those who face opponents much larger and stronger than themselves. The student will now be able to demonstrate a more complex and elaborate series of moves.

The third phase of this system focuses on working with weapons. All students will train using knives and Arnis sticks as they are the two most common weapons found in everyday, real-life situations. The student will also select a third weapon to use from a variety of traditional weapons. These weapons include but are not limited to, nunchucks, sais, swords, staffs, and tonfa.  Students will learn how to defend against an opponent wielding a weapon as well as learn how to use the weapons in an offensive manner. 

The last phase of this system is divided into two sections.  Once the student has received their brown belt in this system, they will begin a year-long process to obtain their black belt. The student will begin by developing their Spirit Form. The Spirit Form is unique to each student as it allows them to use their creativity to express their individuality within the system. Students will receive assistance in discovering and developing their Spirit Form. 

The second part of this phase involves a three-month-long certification process to obtain their black belt. Students will need to demonstrate all rank curriculums from white belt through black belt. They must also articulate an understanding of the system's history and lineage. Next, they will be assigned a student to work with for three months, to whom they will teach the system. The student will be tested on their ability to present this knowledge to their assigned student. Lastly, the student will be given both a written and a physical test to demonstrate their knowledge of the system and the use of techniques. After successful completion and acquisition of the black belt, they will receive certification that allows them to be an instructor of this system.

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