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Hall of Famer and world-renowned instructor, SiGung Weaver started his Martial Arts Career in the summer of 1976 and has continued his journey ever since.  He was awarded his first Black Belt in 1986 and in 1990, Grandmaster  Weaver started to teach his own students. Over the past four decades, he has trained in several systems such as karate, Gong-Fu, kuntao, and Pencak Silat. Since age 17, G.M. Paul C. Holley has been SiGung Weaver's teacher and mentor in ShaolinYangshen Kung-Fu. 

SiGung Weaver has had a long and successful tournament career. He has also competed in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Bare Knuckle, MMA, and stick fighting; where he has won several championships throughout his 20-year career in competition. Currently, G.M. Weaver has a fight team that competes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and stick fighting. He is also a coach for the U.S. National Martial Arts Team.

Beginning in 2011, SiGung Weaver was given permission and the full blessing from G.M Holley to develop his own Gung-Fu system called WuShi JingShen Gung-Fu.  WuShi JingShen Gung-Fu translates to " Warrior Spirit Gong-Fu".  It's a system that focuses on "real world self-defense" with close-quarters combat being its primary objective.  Aspects of Kung-Fu, Kuntao Silat, Pencak Silat, Ninjutsu, and Hapkido have also been incorporated. The system focuses on angles of attack, open hand techniques, theories of movement, destruction, and anatomy, all of which give the practitioner an advantage over their opponent.

SiGung Weaver's mentors include G.M. Paul C. Holley, G.M. Jeff Everetts, G.M. Frank Fuller,  G.M. Red Sarber, Guru James Hogue, G.M. Jae Jeannotte, G.M. Steve Gartin, Master Lenny Howie, and Sifu Douglas Pope.

SiGung Weaver holds several positions in the Martial Arts Organizations including:

  • Founder/Owner  of Warrior Combat Arts
  • Founder/President - Warrior Combat International
  • WBBMAF President and Senior Instructor for New York State
  • Regional Facilitator in the U.S. - I.A.O.M.A.S (International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools)
  • New York State Director Chinese Martial Arts- International Fellowship of Martial Artists
  • New York Rep- All Korean Martial Arts Association
  • Global Black Belt Division Director -  Global United Sokeship Alliance
  • New York Rep- International American Okinawa Seishinryu Tai Chi
  • USA Rep- Vietnamese Combat Martial Arts/ Wushu
  • New York State Co-Director for Alliance
  • New York Rep -Kenpo karate Brotherhood
  • World Kickboxing Organization USA Delegate 
  • International Director - World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

SiGung Weaver belongs to several Martial Art Organizations that include:


  • Lifetime Member of Warrior Combat International
  • Lifetime member of the International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA)
  • Lifetime Member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society   (BDFS)
  • Lifetime Member of World Black Belt Martial Arts Federation
  • Lifetime Member of the International Muniz Shiroi- Ryu Karate Federation
  • Lifetime Member of Genesis Martial Arts International
  • Lifetime Member of Trans Martial Arts Academy
  • Lifetime member of Shaolin Kung-Fu Tradizionale del Nord
  • Lifetime Member of Alliance
  • Member of the International Breaking Federation (IBF)
  • Member of United States Martial Artist Association
  • Member of the Global United Sokeship Alliance
  • Member of the American JaeMuKwan Hapkido Association
  • Member of the World Moosul Kwan Federation
  • Member of the Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society
  • Member of  Makoto Ryu International
  • Member of  Combat Kuntao International
  • Member of the International Martial Arts Union
  • Member of International Sifu Organization
  • Member of Budokai Institute for Martial Arts
  • Member of Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association
  • Member of Elite Black Belt Brotherhood
  • Member of Dynamic Fighting Arts Association
  • Member of Martial Arts Masters World Federation
  • Member of Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists
  • Member of Stay Bladed Martial Brotherhood - New York

SiGung Weaver Holds Several Ranks in Martial Arts.

  •  8th Degree Black sash - Kung-Fu
  • 6th Degree Black Sash- Shaolin Yangshen Kung-Fu
  • 6th Degree Orange Sash Kuntao Silat 
  • 5th Degree Black Belt- Horangikido Hapkido
  • Guru (Master) Pencak Silat 

SiGung  Weaver is respected and recognized by several other ranks including:

  • 5th Degree Black Belt - Koga-Ryu Ninjutsu
  • 4th Degree Black Belt - Makoto Ryu Jitsu te

SiGung  Weaver holds the following certifications:

  • Kickboxing "World Kickboxing Association"
  • Muay Thai " World Muay Thai Association"
  • MMA
  • RAT 
  • JKD "Leonardo Panzardo"
  • Edge Impact Weapons Specialist 
  • Close Quarters Combat Specialist 
  • International  Instructor- World Moo Sul Kwan Federation
  • Child Safety & Self-Defense - The Family Safety & Self-Defense Institute
  • Combat Cane
  • Malay Fighting Arts -Level 1 Instructor / Kuntao Silat

SIGung Weaver's Awards:

  • An inductee into several Black Belt Hall of Fames
  • Black Belt Brotherhood Member 
  • Warrior Combat Brotherhood Hall Of Honors
  • 2010 Instructor of the Year
  • 2011 Award of Honor in Martial Arts 
  • 2012 Ambassador to the Martial Arts 
  • 2015 US National Martial Arts Team Coach
  • 2015 Multi-Disciplined Master of the Year: USA Martial arts Hall of Fame
  • 2016 Grandmaster of the year in Asian Arts:  Fellowship of Martial Artists
  • 2017 Kuntao Master of the Year: North American International Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2017 Excellence in teaching Martial arts: Action Magazine Hall of Fame
  • 2017 Kung-Fu Master of the Year: USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2018 Warrior Combat International Hall of Fame 
  • 2018 Kickboxing Instructor of the Year: North American International Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2018 Martial Artist of the Year: Diversified League of Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2018 Esteemed Modern Warrior of the Year: International Martial Arts Hall of Fame 
  • 2018 US National Martial Arts Team Coach 
  • 2018 True Warrior Award: World Brotherhood Martial Artist for Holistic Fitness (WBMAHF)
  • 2018 Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts (USMAA)
  • 2018 GUSA Black Belt Hall of Fame 
  • 2019 Named In The Great 800 Greatest Martial Artist in the World  # 532- Ted Gambordella  
  • 2019 In the who's who in the Martial Arts Book - Action Martial Arts Magazine  
  • 2019 Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame 
  • 2019 Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts
  • 2019 Martial Arts Honors Award
  • 2019 Masters of Martial Arts Hall  of Fame 
  • 2019 Who's Who Legends Award Recipient 
  • 2019 Martial Arts Master's & Pioneers Book Jessie Bowmen's
  • 2019 Universal Jeet Kune Do "Dragon Award''  
  • 2019 Grandmaster of the Year "Legends Hall Of Fame" 
  • 2020 AMAM "Hall of Honors "World History Book GM Jessie Bowen & Sifu Alan Goldberg

SiGung  Weaver's Affiliations:

  • Warrior Combat Arts
  • Tran's Combat Martial Arts Academy
  • Malay Fighting Arts Academy Kuntao 
  • Dynamic Fighting Arts Academy Kali Group Leader for NY State
  • Black Dragon Fighting Society
  • Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society
  • American Kuntao Silat