Warrior Combat Arts
SiGung Mark A. Weaver

WSD Concepts

Women's Self-Defense Program


Grandmaster Mark A. Weaver has been certified by  The Family Safety & Self-Defense Institute as a Self Defense Trainer.   He took the six-month course that included some of the following modules:

  • Basic themes (i.e. using your instincts)  
  • Scan the environment 
  • Create a scene
  • Basic vital points
  • Basic strikes
  • Basic deflecting
  • Basic kicks
  • The "Domino Effect"
  • The Theory of Range fighting
  • Long distance range
  • Mid-range fighting
  • Close-range fighting
  • Anything can be used as a weapon


More components of this course:

Street Smart Guides to avoiding dangerous situations


The Program was designed by Thomas Bloomfield, renowned Self-Defense and Safety Instructor.

By using the course curriculum and DVD portion of the program, the individual will get a well-designed program that will help them prepare for "REAL LIFE " situations. 

Grandmaster Weaver has facilitated several Women's Self-Defense programs throughout his martial arts career.  He also provides private lessons to several students who are focusing on women's self-defense.